Introducing Health Connect at two libraries!

(Tucson, AZ) Pima County Public Library is proud to announce the launch of Health Connect at Caviglia-Arivaca Library and Salazar-Ajo Library. This service is free and open to all community members during normal library operating hours. 

Health Connect is a service that provides secure and private environments for individuals to connect with their doctors. It also gives access to technology and devices that can be used in conjunction with telehealth appointments.

How does it work?
  • An individual wishing to use the service must first verify that their doctor offers telehealth appointments.
  • The individual is responsible for scheduling the appointment and then stopping by or calling the Library (Caviglia-Arivaca Library: (520) 594-5235, Salazar-Ajo Library: (520) 387-6075) to request a telehealth room. Please note, availability is not guaranteed, but library staff will do their best to accommodate individual scheduling needs.
  • On the day of the appointment, individual should arrive 15 minutes before appointment to check in at the front desk, sign a waiver, and get set up at the health station.
  • They will be shown to a private room where appointment will be conducted. Participants should note, the rooms are private and secure with noise dampening material, but are not soundproof.
  • Rooms will be equipped with multi-camera laptops and participants will need to be versed in how to access doctor provided link. Library staff will not be able to assist in accessing appointment or offering additional training or advice. Participants are allowed to bring additional people to assist if needed. 
  • Rooms will feature blood pressure cuffs, digital stethoscopes, pulse rate oximeters, scales, and thermometers, and will include written instructions on laminated cards as well as easy-to-follow visuals taken from credible medical sources. 

Health Connect is currently being offered at rural libraries where residents don't always have easy access to their healthcare providers. The goal of this joint project is to connect communities to the healthcare they need. 

Ken Zambos, Program Manager for Workforce and Economic Development, says, "Access to telehealth is essential for people to get the care they need when traveling to an in-person visit isn't possible. By providing this service, the Library is providing access to equipment that transforms healthcare delivery and positively affects healthcare outcomes."

This service is made possible by the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records, a division of the Secretary of State, with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. It is a joint effort between the Library, Pima County Health Department, UofA College of Nursing, Arizona Telemedicine Program, and United Community Health Care.


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