Heat Advisory – Cooling Centers in Pima County

Find where you can escape the heat during upcoming heat advisories this summer.

As temperatures in Tucson climb, we want you to be aware of the resources available to prevent overheating and ensure the well-being of our community. Here's a comprehensive guide to the support and services you can access:

Libraries as Cooling Centers

Our libraries have long served as a respite from the summer heat, and this year is no exception. All library branches are designated cooling centers where individuals can escape the high temperatures. In addition to a cool environment, most branches offer the following as availability allows:

    • Reusable water bottles
    • Sunscreen
    • Hand sanitizer


Homeless? Need to Cool Down?

Summer Sun Respite

While resources do emerge each summer for heat relief for the general public, sites that are affirming, supportive, and respectful specifically for those experiencing unsheltered homelessness and severe service needs are critical to support for our unsheltered neighbors. These sites are identified as Summer Sun Respite and are listed in the flyer.

Cooling Centers

Unlike summer sun respite, cooling centers offer temporary designated areas for the public to utilize and escape the heat. These areas might be lobbies, meeting rooms or small multipurpose rooms. Restrooms and water fountains are available, but the services offered for summer sun respite are not. At City of Tucson recreation facilities, fees apply for regularly occurring services (such as the gym, weight room, walking track, etc.).

To add your organization to the network of Summer Sun Respite sites, contact the Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness.

Additional Local Resources

Pima County Heat Relief Resources

Pima County has created a dedicated heat relief webpage featuring a map of all summer sun respite and cooling center locations. This is an invaluable resource for locating nearby places to cool off.