MegaMania! Represent your fandom with multicolored background

Represent your fandom

Saturday, July 13, 2019, 1–5 pm

Pima Community College Downtown Campus
1255 N Stone Ave (map)

MegaMania is our annual summer festival of cosplay, gaming, crafts, local authors & artists, and all-around geekery. All ages. Free for everyone!

Happening All Day


Minecraft & Fortnite

Visit the gaming area and play your favorite game with lots of other fans! No Minecraft account? No worries, you can use a library account! // Library

Video Gaming

Have fun playing PlayStation and WiiU games like Super Mario, Injustice and Virtual Reality Worlds! // Library

Robot Battle Arena

Come witness the Robot Battle Arena, courtesy of the RTEAM Robotics Club! RTEAM builds small, armed robots – then takes these robots, places them in a small-scale model urban environment, and has them duke it out! // Library

Retro Gaming

Join Bookmans Entertainment Exchange for a blast from the past of retro gaming and test your skills on their classic gaming consoles, board games, and more! // Library

Giant Games: Larger Than Life

Have fun playing with popular games that are literally larger than life! // Campus Center Building, Exterior Walkway

Games Come to Life

Take your turn in a Roleplaying game that comes to life! Roll giant dice to ward off monsters, get out of traps and move ahead in this adventure. // Campus Center Building, Exterior Walkway


Capes for Superheroes

Fly high in an awesome superhero cape you decorate!

Mask Making for Superheroes

Let your imagination soar to create an amazing mask to go with your cape. Presented by Mary Ellen Palmeri.

Don't Miss: Cosplay Showcase 4pm


Join us for some real-life adventure games! You and your team will enter a themed room, where you’ll have a limited amount of time to escape. Work together and use your creativity to find hidden clues, open locked boxes, and figure out the solution before disaster strikes! //LB153


Photo Booth

Take MegaMania! fun and fandom home with you by capturing your experience in print.  It’s free—a gift from us to you! // Library

Tucson Comic-Con!

Come to the 2nd floor loft for a Cool-Con experience! Giveaways, Superheroes, and Comic life galore! // Campus Center Building, 2nd floor


Join us for FREE pizza provided by Brooklyn Pizza Co. along with drinks and snacks in the Cantina! Not exactly a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but you never know who you’ll meet in the Cantina. // Campus Center Building, Gemstone Café

Don't miss!

Storytime with Hagrid

Hagrid will be your guide through a magical world of kings, queens, monsters, mermaids, and unicorns. For all ages; children 8 and under require parental participation.

1:30-2pm & 2:30-3pm in the Amethyst Room


Photo from MegaMania 2014 - People dressed as Star Wars characters

Cosplay Origins in the Making - 2 pm 


Just picking up an interest in cosplay, costuming, or hobby building in general? Been in the convention world for a few years? No matter where you are, it’s always helpful to build new relationships with the amazing people in this community. Come join us to converse about breaking into the scene for newbies and veterans, and play a few games together!

Cosplay Showcase - 4 pm 


MegaMania is proud to bring back the Cosplay Showcase. Watch your favorite characters come to life on stage. Open to Cosplayers of all levels and abilities, for costumes either worn to MegaMania or made there!

Author + Artist Workshops + Panels


  1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm
Room 1 // RV113 Self-Publish Your Own Comics!

How to create and publish your own comics with indie comic veteran Adam Yeater

Character Creation

Learn how to create a character from initial concept to final drawing with comic artist Ross Demma

Color Theory by Jenn Hopkins

What is color theory, and how does it help you become a better artist?

Room 2 // RV112 Zombie Fairy Make & Take

Natalia Lopez leads a class on how to make horrifying fairies and lets you take one home with you.

Creating Cartoons and Comic Strips with the Comic Bookmobile Learn how to use simple shapes to create cartoon characters and strips to tell short stories with Frank Powers’ comic library on wheels.  Toot toot Tucson! Writing Together Workshop

How does co-writing work? Writing partners Marsheila Rockwell and Jeff Marriotte lead a workshop about co-writing.

Room 3 // RV102 Writing Action Scenes

What makes for an effective action scene? How do you go about creating one? Ask pro authors Jeff Marriotte, Marsheila Rockwell, and K.S. Merbeth

Writing for Children, Middle Grade, & YA

What’s different about writing for a younger audience? What changes depending on target age level? Ask pro authors Janni Lee Simner, Adam Rex, and Kathleen Glasgow

How to Write Awesome Dialogue

Award-winning author Tom Leveen brings 22 years of live theatre experience to this in-depth class on how writers of genre and for any medium can improve the dialogue in their stories.

How to Beat Writer’s Block

Find out what professional writers do when they are faced with writer’s block and even ask for some advice. With S.F. Edwards, Kathleen Glasgow, Janni Lee Simner, and K.S. Merbeth

Signing Schedule S.F. Edwards, Ross Demma Natalia Lopez, K.S. Merbeth, Adam Yeater Janni Lee Simner, Adam Rex, Kathleen Glasgow Jeff Marriotte, Marsheila Rockwell, Tom Leveen

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