Library Presenters

The Library is not currently accepting proposals.


There are two steps to apply to be a Library Presenter:

  1. Become a Vendor with Pima County; and
  2. Apply by presenting your proposal when the Library opens a solicitation for Library Presenter Services.

About our Programs

The Library is proud to offer a variety of programs to the community in our 27 library locations.

We provide equal access to the community, and programs are offered free of charge.

Presenters can be individuals, organizations, artists, or educators. Programs may include interactive performances, workshops, concerts, or informational presentations.

Library Presenter Proposer Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in providing a program at the library. Before submitting your program proposal, please review the following:

  1. All prospective presenters must respond with a proposal during a Pima County open solicitation. This is the only way we accept proposals. We do not accept program proposals by email, telephone, mail, or in person at our library locations.
  2. Library Presenter proposers have to do two things. First, become a Pima County Vendor and then, wait until the Library opens a solicitation to submit a proposal.
  3. Proposals are considered with respect to Pima County Public Library’s mission and programming priorities, staff resources, and the diverse range of learning, cultural, and recreational needs of the community.
  4. Please be aware that libraries plan programs months ahead of time. If we are interested in evaluating your services further, you will be contacted after you submit a proposal during an open solicitation.
  5. Presenters develop their own program; library staff are not available to assist in developing the program, nor to create graphics, slideshow presentations, or handouts.
  6. Library programs are not an opportunity to promote your business or service. Programs must be non-commercial, and collection of customer contact information is prohibited.
  7. Presenters may be asked to audition for our staff as part of the evaluation process.

Vendor Registration

Your registration starts here

Getting Started

Registering as a vendor only takes a few minutes. Once you enter the registration page, you will be led through the registration process using easy-to-follow instructions.

Before you start your registration, please collect the following items:

  • Your taxpayer identification number or social security number
  • Your company/organization main contact name, phone, address and email.

See registration updates, compatible browsers and forms you will need including W-9:

Vendor Search

Already registered?

Before registering as a new vendor, you can search our directory of vendors to see if you’re already registered with Pima County.

The Importance of Registration

The first step in doing business with Pima County starts with registering as a County vendor.

Library proposals are filed as "educational services" with Commodity Code 92400 in the vendor registration system.

If you indicate that, you provide educational services by entering Commodity Code 92400 when you register you will get an email when the Library (or another Pima County department) is looking for educational services.

View and print Vendor Portal Instructions:

Responsibility of Maintaining Your Vendor Profile

As the Pima County looks forward to working with vendors, the County would like to remind you of your responsibility to maintain your vendor profile information.

The County uses information from your vendor profile to send you email notifications of posted solicitations and vendor outreach events, etc.

Your company information of contact names, email address, phone numbers, and physical addresses, etc. must be current and accurate in order for the county to do business with you.

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