Vendor Registration Instructions

Pima County Vendor Registration Instructions

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Please allow 30 minutes to complete Pima County Vendor Registration.

Information to have before starting:

• Tax ID Number (Business) or SSN (Individual), Legal Business Name, DBA Name, Contact Information
• Commodity Code: be sure to use 92400 and any others that apply.

To register:

  1. Go to the Pima County vendor registration page.
  2. Select Vendor Self Service portal (VSS) button – blue button at bottom of page.
  3. Under New Users, click the Register button.
  4. On the Memorandum of Agreement page, read and click on Accept Terms.
  5. If you think you may have already registered, click the link to login, otherwise click Next.
  6. On the Search for Existing Account screen, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN will be for a business, SSN will be for an individual.
  7. If you do not have existing account, select New Registration to continue to the next page.
  8. On My User Information, create User ID and password, and fill in all fields. Then click Next.
  9. You must verify email address. Click Next, then Check your email inbox. Follow the link provided or copy the link into your browser to continue registration.
  10. On the login page, enter the User ID and password, then click Login to continue.
  11. Continue to fill out the fields as appropriate: business TIN, or individual SSN, fill out the Legal Address information, address to use on your 1099 for Pima County.
  12. Continue to put in phone and contact information. If you put email you will be contacted that way.
  13. For Commodities, select all commodities that apply (use check mark and then ok). Make sure to include commodity code 92400.
  14. On Additional Business Information, select the business type that applies. Click Next.
  15. On Registration Summary, verify all the information displayed.
  16. Update if needed, then click Submit registration.
  17. Save the thank you screen. It will have your User ID, password, and Vendor Code.

Submit a Completed IRS W-9 Form Vendor Self Service System (VSS) - Pima County then fax to 520-724-3646.

If you have problems completing the registration, please contact Isabel Villanueva at 520-724-8465.

Print these instructions

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