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E-Library Learning Tools featured card collection

Fiero Code (formerly Prenda Code Club)

Educational, learn-to-code platform where kids and teens learn to make websites, video games, animations, programs, or apps.

Udemy Online Courses by Gale

Udemy offers thousands of video courses in business, technology, design, health, & the arts. Take English courses in 13 native languages.

Universal Class: 500+ Online Courses

With 500+ courses on topics from conflict management to baking essentials, you can spend countless hours learning to your heart’s content.

Niche Academy - Library Tutorials

Explore video tutorials that teach you to use research, homework, eBook, & streaming library resources available for free with your card.

edX University Courses

Founded in a partnership between Harvard and MIT, edX offers a wide variety of free online courses from many different universities.

Khan Academy Online Courses

Free world-class education for anyone anywhere with thousands of courses that span humanities, computer science, test prep, and more.

My Job Is Just... Beach

I will never get over the Barbie movie. So, to honor a Ken quote, this list features the most beachy of professionals- lifeguards.

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