Where can I find the New and On Order titles?

See the lists

New and On Order Title lists are available here.

You can limit these lists by using the filters down the left-hand side. Say you only want to see On Order titles that are Fiction. Click on Content and then check Fiction.

Other ways to find new titles

You can also see what's new in multiple ways around the site. On the homepage, scroll down to about mid-screen, just below the events block. You’ll see newly added titles in Fiction, Non-Fiction, Kids, and Teens.


Use the Browse drop-down at the top of the page to see the different formats - Books, eBooks, and Movies. Scroll down a bit to see what's new.

OR create your own custom list:

  • Click the word Search (in the upper right)
  • When the dropdown appears, click the words Advanced Search (beneath the magnifier symbol)
  • On the Advanced Search screen, scroll down a bit to the heading Limit my search results by:
  • Choose at least one limiter. For example, use the Content box to limit by fiction or non-fiction, use the check boxes to limit by format (Do not input Date Published.)
  • Click Search
  • When the results of your search have been returned, look to the left column and click the dropdown arrow beside New at the Library…
  • Click on the time period listed that you would like to see results for.
  • Optional: Click the Save Search link to save this search in your Account. See more on Saved Searchesopens a new window.

On order titles

The Books page and Movies page also feature On Order titles.