Tucson Meet Yourself Festival

The second weekend in October each year Tucsonans revel in the celebration of diversity that is Tucson Meet Yourself. Founded in 1974 by University of Arizona anthropologist Dr. James "Big Jim" Griffith as an annual celebration of Tucson's diverse community, Tucson Meet Yourself is a festival of various ethnic foods, artists, and performers. Performances may range from African Roots Reggae to Yaqui Norteño Music to Scottish music and dance to Cantonese Lion Dance.

For the time period of 1994 to 2000, this festival was called the Tucson Heritage Experience Festival before returning to the original moniker Tucson Meet Yourself. According to Tucson Meet Yourself staff, the weekend-long event features about 100 music and dance performances. Food booths, many staffed by members of local cultural and ethnic clubs, are one of the most popular features of the festival and the origin of the popular festival nickname Tucson Eat Yourself. 

The Tucson Meet Yourself festival is held in downtown Tucson. Growth moved the festival from El Presidio Park to the larger venue of Stone Avenue between Congress and Alameda Streets in 2019. Entrance to the festival and the entertainment is free.


Tucson Meet Yourself: Mission and History

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