Tack Room

The Tack Room was a fine dining restaurant in Tucson from 1965 to May 2003. It was located at 7300 East Vactor Ranch Trail, off North Sabino Canyon Road. When this restaurant opened it was the most expensive eating establishment in Arizona. Starting in September, 2005, the Tack Room building was torn down. The property was divided and used for new homes. The Tack Room obtained fame by becoming the first Mobil Travel Guide Five Star winner in the Southwest. The Tack Room received the Five Star Award from 1977 to 1996.

The Tack Room was advertised with a large concrete boot. This boot was designed by Michael Kautza. In 2010, the boot was still in existence.

Michael Kautza also designed the giant cow skull building in Amado (Cow Palace) and the large wine bottle located at 3306 North First Avenue in Tucson.


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