Stork’s Nest

Helen Jacobs established the Stork's Nest maternity ward at 221 N. Court Avenue in 1922. The street address changed at one time but the Stork's Nest stayed on Court Avenue. Many Tucsonans were born there. The Stork's Nest was closed in 1946.

The notice that appeared in the Nogales International in 1937 describes the Stork's Nest:

Stork's Nest, located at 233 North Court in Tucson, realizes that there is nothing more important to the onward progress of our community than a Maternity Hospital Service of this kind presided over by those who have made a special study of the needs of those who enter a Maternity Hospital.

This Hospital is convenient for people from all this section of the country. The very finest of equipment, careful nursing and the most able professional services are features of this hospital.

The management is to be commended upon devoting their lives to the work which is so much needed to make everyone fit to be a spartan. The changes of the methods from the olden times is well illustrated in the work of this hospital which typifies modern civilization.

The rooms are all well furnished and pleasant in every way. Cheerfulness and an air of hope are inspired by the furnishings which have been selected with this idea in view. During the stay at the Stork's Nest all patients are given the most careful attention, cared for by nurses who are able, painstaking and follow the directions of the medical department.

They are prepared to take care of the urgent cases in a most rapid and efficient manner but it is always best for those who are planning to go to the hospital to make arrangements in advance.

As the purpose of this review is to give the world an adequate idea of our social, industrial, artistic and professional progress we deem it quite appropriate to call the attention of the public to the efficient and great work that is being carried on at Stork's Nest in Tucson.


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