Speedway Boulevard – Origin of Name

Origin of the name Speedway

In an article from the Arizona Daily Star, June 5, 1988, Page B1, it's explained that the original name was Feldman Road. "It was dubbed 'The Speedway' in 1904 - "apparently because it was a favorite track for horse-and-buggy races and later for races with horseless carriages which hit speeds of 20 mph."

An article in the Tucson Citizen, dated August 17, 1994, concurs. It goes on to say that "in 1911 the town's first auto race drew some 6,000 spectators - then nearly half of Tucson's population - to watch daredevil drivers reach speeds of 48 mph on the dusty desert road."

“Armpit of Tucson”

The Star article referenced above notes that many residents referred to the area of Speedway near Alvernon as ‘the armpit of Tucson.’

“Ugliest Street in America”

An article in Life magazine described Speedway as the “ugliest street in America.”
“Look down that long loathsome road" by Loudon Wainwright, Jr. in Life, July 24, 1970, Pages 26-34.


"Speedway in slow motion." Arizona Daily Star. June 5, 1988. Page B1.

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