Santa Claus – Modeled after a Tucson Radio and Television Personality

Harold “Hap” Arnold, a Tucson radio and television personality, was the model for the Santa Claus used in some Coca-Cola ads.  The illustrator for the Coca-Cola ads, Haddon Sundblom wintered in Tucson at the Westward Look Resort. In 1950, Haddon Sundblom asked Harold “Hap” Arnold if he would model for some of the Coca-Cola ads.  In 1953, Haddon Sundblom also used the two daughters of Westward Look’s former owner as models for a Coca-Cola ad.  The names of the two girls who modeled for the ad were Lani and Sancy Nason.   


“Artist found Santa in Tucson.” Arizona Daily Star. December 17, 2000. Page B1. (This article also has a picture of the Coca-Cola Santa Claus ad.)

Westward Look Resort web site:   (This web page is no longer available as of 06/11/2009)

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