Quincie Douglas

According to the Arizona Daily Star:

“Quincie Douglas, born Jan. 12, 1905, in Chickasha, Okla., came to Tucson in the early 1930s with a family while working as a domestic for them.

About a year after her arrival here, she met and married Angelo F. Douglas. They had three children.

She worked as a domestic until 1964, when she retired after suffering a stroke that slowed her mobility.

That limitation did not sit well with her independent nature, and she began a campaign to see that other incapacitated individuals wouldn't have to endure the same hardships and frustrations she did.

In 1965, Douglas received $24,000 from the Tucson Committee for Economic Opportunity and started L.I.F.T.S. (Low Income Free Transportation Service), which was taken over by the city six years later and renamed Special Needs Transportation Service. Today, the service is known as Van Tran.

In 1969, the Tucson City Council awarded her a plaque for Senior Woman of the Year. A few years later, the Quincie Douglas Recreation Center, then located at 1100 E. Silverlake Road, was named after her.

Douglas died Aug. 14, 1986, in Hayward, Calif., where she had moved in 1983.”

The Quincie Douglas Library, opens a new window and the Quincie Douglas recreation center are named in honor of her.


“What’s with that?” Arizona Daily Star. Caliente section. April 18, 2003. Page F44.

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