What is the Origin of “The Mountains Around Tucson Spell CHRIST?”

The suggestion for the origin of this acronym was found in the book Faces of Joseph by Joseph Babinsky. 

Babinsky writes: “Stretching your imagination a bit, you will discover that the word CHRIST is spelled when you use the first letters of mountains near Tucson: Catalina Mountains, Huachuca Mountains, Rincon Mountains, Santa Rita Mountains and Tucson Mountains.” –Joseph Babinsky, Faces of Joseph, chapter 6, page 97.

The mountain ranges near Tucson that Babinsky suggests are used to spell “Christ” are:
(Santa) Catalinas Mountains
Huachuca Mountains
RIncon Mountains
Santa Rita Mountains
Tucson Mountains

Note: While the Santa Catalinas, the Rincons, the Santa Ritas, and the Tucson Mountains can be said to surround Tucson, the Huachuca Mountains are approximately 85 miles south of Tucson. Additional mountain ranges in the vicinity of Tucson are the Tortolitas and the Sierritas.


Babinsky, Joseph. Faces of Joseph. Morrisville NC: Lulu.com. (August 17, 2005). Chapter 6. Page 97. PCPL does not own this book.

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