Moonlight Collector

About 15 miles west of Tucson on Ajo Way (Highway 86) there's a structure called a moonlight collector. 

Richard and Monica Chapin, of Interstellar Light Applications, have a 29-ton, parabolic moonlight collector, capable of rotating a full 360 degrees. The Interstellar Light Collector, as they call it, has 3,000 square feet of high-quality surface. This collector is capable of focusing moonlight a million times more than normal on an area smaller than a dime. The Chapins claim to have studied the effects of concentrated moonlight on humans and the possibility that it could cure diseases.


"Tucson couple bet $2 million on power of moonbeams." Tucson Citizen. October 5, 2006 A10.

ILA (Interstellar Light Applications, LLC

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