Meeting Rooms | Conference Rooms

Note: Many of the locations below do charge for room use. Contact the location to inquire.

Pima County Public Library
Various rooms (PCPL rooms are free but users must meet certain conditions). Contact the Library where you want to meet. Details are found at Meeting and Study Rooms.

Bookman's Entertainment Exchange
Contact the store where you wish to meet; ask for the Events Coordinator. Store contact information.

Copper Hall at Hotel Congress
311 E. Congress Street. Up to 170 guests. Contact.

Ellie Towne Flowing Wells Community Center
This facility maintained by Pima County is located at 1660 W Ruthrauff Rd. Contact.

Stillwell House and Garden
134 S. Fifth Avenue. The Cantina room can accommodate up to 70 guests, the Courtyard can accommodate up to 220 guests, and the Main House can accommodate up to 150 guests. Contact.

Tucson Jewish Museum & Holocaust Center/Historic Stone Avenue Temple
564 S. Stone Avenue. Up to 75 guests. Not available during museum hours of operation. Contact, opens a new window.

Tucson Parks and Recreation
Various locations. Contact the location where you want to meet. See details and contact.

Find the information you need by calling the library's Infoline at 520-791-4010 or by sending your question to Askalibrarian.