Javelina—Aggression and Biting

Javelina, also known as collared peccary
Collared peccary or javelina young male forages among desert shrubbery and cacti.

Javelinas, also known as collared peccary, rarely bite humans. Typically, there may be one or two recorded javelina bites in Arizona every year. There have only been two documented cases of rabies in javelinas.

On June 27, 2008 a visitor from Holland was bitten by a wild javelina at the Arizona-Sonoran Desert museum, opens a new window. The wild javelina had wandered onto the museum grounds where it bit the unidentified visitor on the calf and one hand causing arterial damage. The Arizona-Sonoran Desert museum closed the next day, Saturday June 28, 2008 to search for the wild javelina but it was not found. 

See more about javelina at the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum Animal Fact Sheet: Collared Peccary or Javelina, opens a new window.



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