I’d Rather Be in Tucson

During 1979 prospective visitors to Tucson may have been attracted by a song. The song with the catchy lyrics was "I'd Rather Be in Tucson" written by local advertising executive Earl Wettstein, along with Mikey King, Roger King, Kevin Perotta, and Fred Porter. "I'd Rather Be in Tucson" was performed by Jean Chastain. 

The verse that sealed the deal:

Oh, I'd rather be in Tucson,
It's like no place else on earth,
It's the last remaining Western town,
The city of my birth.

The song accompanied a commercial described as follows: "The commercial, with its enticing shots of sunsets, saguaros and swimmers, has been aired in half a dozen of the more frozen cities of the Midwest as a lure for winter visitors."

Listen to the song on YouTube., opens a new window


“Jean is Jean, not Linda; she’d rather be in Tucson.” Tucson Citizen. Old Pueblo section.  March 22, 1979. Page 7

I'D RATHER BE IN TUCSON (1980) feat. Jean Chastain, opens a new window | YouTube.com

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