Guayabera Shirt

The Guayabera is a decorated shirt for men. The shirt has four pockets, two panels of embroidery or pleats and a finished hem so it can be worn outside pants.

When Lew Murphy* was mayor of Tucson he advocated wearing the Guayabera in Tucson during the summer.

The exact origin of the shirt is not known. Cuba claims the Guayabera as their national shirt. The Cubans name the shirt after the guayaba (guava) pickers who would place the harvested fruit in the shirt's large pockets.

The Philippines claim that the Guayabera started in the Philippines. The Guayabera shirt was brought to Cuba during Spanish colonial rule.

*Lew Murphy was the Tucson Mayor from December 16, 1971 to December 16, 1987.


"Guayabera's time has come—again." Arizona Daily Star. May 8, 2003 Page B1.

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