Footbridges—Downtown Tucson

Garcés Footbridge

The Garcés footbridge crosses Congress Street, between Church and Granada Avenues.  This footbridge is a memorial to Francisco Garcés an explorer and the first American missionary to the Pima Village at the foot of Sentinel Peak. In 1770, Garcés and the Pimas constructed the first substantial building in Tucson, a mission residence with two round towers for defense. On August 20, 1775 he led Lt. Col. Hugo O’Connor to the site designated for the founding of the Royal Spanish Presidio of Tucson. Garcés and the Pimas help construct the Presidio. Garcés died in the Yuma uprising of 1781.

Allande Footbridge

The Allande footbridge goes across Pennington Street to El Presidio Park. This bridge is a memorial to Pedro Allande, the first resident commander of the Royal Presidio of Tucson and Captain of the Mexican Dragoons.   On May 1, 1782 he was wounded during an attack of 600 warrior apaches.  Allande still managed to drag himself around the sentry post and direct the defense of Tucson.  He saved the infant settlement from total destruction.

You may see this footbridge spelled as Allende—Allande is the correct spelling.


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