Flood Plain Maps

FEMA flood plain information for properties in Pima County is at Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps, opens a new window

The website is maintained by the Pima County Regional Flood Control District and reflects FEMA flood plain and floodway studies. A street number for the property or tax parcel number (also called book/map/plat, tax code, or APN) is needed.

(To locate the property street number or property tax number, search the Pima County Geographic Information Systems, opens a new window by property owner name.)

In addition to the flood plain information, other data overlays including subdivision boundaries and names, jurisdictions and city limits, aerial photographs, and section/township/range grids can be displayed. 

Original flood maps published by FEMA can be found at FEMA Flood Map Service Center, opens a new window.

Find the information you need by calling the library's Infoline at 520-791-4010 or by sending your question to Askalibrarian.