Edward Schieffelin, Famed Arizona Prospector

Edward Schieffelin, one of Arizona’s most famed prospectors was born in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, in 1847.

Schieffelin’s penchant for prospecting began in the Pacific Northwest in 1864. A decade later, Schieffelin scoured Arizona for riches around the Grand Canyon, Mineral Park and Irataba districts.

This article, "Mine Tales: Edward Schieffelin was prospector, Tombstone founder", chronicles his mineral exploration in Arizona and the founding of Tombstone, Arizona. Shieffelin died in 1897. Tombstone Courthouse State Park is the home of the Schieffelin Monument, opens a new window that was constructed over his gravesite.


Ascarza, William. "Mine Tales: Edward Schieffelin was prospector, Tombstone founder.Arizona Daily Star. February 7, 2016.

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