DeMeester Outdoor Performance Center

In 1964, Gene C. Reid, the City of Tucson’s first parks supervisor, created a makeshift band stage in the city’s central park. Reid then invited Belgian-born conductor Georges DeMeester, opens a new window to bring his orchestra to play there. In 1974, the city redeveloped the band shell into a performance center that can accommodate a 50-plus orchestra and a large lawn that can accommodate 7,000 seats.

In 1987, the city named it the DeMeester Outdoor Performance Center. It's still home to the Tucson Pops Orchestra, which performs the spring and fall "Music under the Stars" series, and the annual Shakespeare under the Stars performances for all ages.

DeMeester Outdoor Performance Center is located at 900 S. Randolph Way, opens a new window in Gene C. Reid Park.


Georges DeMeester, 1955-1973, opens a new window | Tucson Pops Orchestra, opens a new window

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