Teen Review: When the Stars Align

The Sun Is Also A Star, by bestselling author Nicola Yoon (the author of Everything, Everything), is a story about fate and coincidence. Taking place in New York City, the story revolves around two main characters, Daniel and Natasha. Daniel is a hopeless romantic trying to live up to his parents' high expectations. Natasha is a girl who believes in facts, not fiction and she's hours away from being deported back to Jamaica. When the two strangers cross paths, the last the thing they expect is to fall in love.

This book was very entertaining. I would definitely recommend it, especially to fans of John Green and Rainbow Rowell. It seems a bit cliché at first, especially with the whole "we were destined to meet" thing, but the different perspectives and Nicola Yoon's writing style made it more than just a sad love story. Although there were two main point of views, they were perfectly balanced. Both characters were hilarious and relatable and very realistic. The plot was amazing too, I as I said earlier, it seems cliché at first, but it gets better as the story progresses. It was an easy read, but you will not be disappointed, whether you believe in destiny or not.

-Samantha L, (Dusen)Berry Blogger and River Teen Advisory Board member 

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