Some of my favorite things about Pima County Public Library

This article, by Belinda L., was originally published in the Arizona Daily Star on August 15, 2021.

When I tell people that I work for Pima County Public Library, I get various responses, ranging from “I haven’t been to a library in years” and “I don’t read much” to my favorite, “how wonderful, you get to read all day.”

At this point, I think they might think I’m looking at them kind of strangely. After all, I work at the library. I go there almost every day, and I read a lot.

I read many genres, fiction and nonfiction alike. I dare say that not everything that is available online is reliable and accurate. So, as far as online information goes, it depends on what you are looking for, what you need the information for, and whether the source is trustworthy.

I would love to get paid to read all day, but nope, I get to do something much more fun. I get to welcome you to your library, yes, your library. And I get to introduce you to the many resources available to one and all.

But wait. Why haven’t you been to the library in years? Oh, of course, the lingering memories of a time long past and the stereotypical librarian, with her glasses on the tip of her nose, her hair in a bun and a finger to her lips saying, “Sssshhh.” Well, it’s no wonder you haven’t been to a library in years.


You have it all wrong. The library is a happening place. Let me tell you a little bit about some of my favorite things.

At the library, I can check out seeds, opens a new window to grow a garden; yes, 10 seed packets per month, and I can grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. While I’m there, I can also check out a book to learn more about southwest gardening.

At the library, I can download an electronic book, opens a new window that magically appears on my digital device and is ready to read within minutes. I can do this from the comfort of my couch, or my back patio, or on the road. Sweet! The hardest part? Deciding which book to read first.

At the library, I can use Ancestry, opens a new window and use it to research my genealogy. And all of these activities come with no charge!

At the library, I can access Chilton Library Auto Repair, opens a new window, which offers detailed information on car maintenance. It is a great resource for all those handy people who prefer to fix their own automobiles.

At the library, I can borrow a telescope, opens a new window and host my own star viewing party. Sounds too good to be true? It is not. Come in and ask us all about it.

Did I mention the actual physical books still ready and available at your local branches?

There is so much more to experience, but you’re going to have to stop by and see for yourself.

Librarian Belinda L. serves on the Seed Library and Young Adult Services teams. Her colleagues praise her for her adaptability, generosity, fortitude and kindness. She’s also very good at Scrabble and crafting and has a great sense of humor.