Art Exhibit ~ Doctress Neutopia

Kirk-Bear Canyon Library invites you to view the work of local artist Doctress Neutopia. The exhibit will be on display until April 30, 2024.

Artist statement:

My watercolor and gouache paintings are created by theta brain waves supportive of mediative and inner healing. Through automatic drawing and intuitive coloring, I discovered a good place inside me longing to be liberated. My paintings are star seeds to help humans evolve to a more advanced and benevolent form of civilization, snapshots of the unitive consciousness necessary for social transformation.
We are currently experiencing the hottest weather in 100,000 years. Living in Arizona with the precariousness of our Colorado River water supply, I feel the instability of the external world. Finding the strength to push through my subjective grief of being a witness to ecosystem collapse and mass species extinction, I rely on art and creativity for solace.
Images courtesy of the artist