Memories, at the corner of my mind…

Robert Louis Stevenson once said, "I've a grand memory for forgetting things." The Library could have helped him... 

Memories can get lost from generation to generation. Don't let that happen - try a Memory Kit, now available for checkout at your library!

Memory Kits, opens a new window bring back yesterday, today. They can be used by anyone, from older adults looking to recall their pasts to children and families who want to delve into eras they never experienced. Kits include photographs, videos, music, and things that you can touch, smell, and feel to invite others to share their stories. 

  • Did you never use a phone booth?
  • Play a vinyl record?
  • Build a victory garden?

Chances are, you know someone who did. Let our Memory Kits guide you and others back to those days and connect in a deep and meaningful way. 

Memory Kits make it easier for all of us to say, "I'm listening." They are designed to get people talking one-on-one—something that often falls by the wayside in our fast-paced, busy, on-the-go world. 

A variety of kits are available, so you can choose the one (or ones) that are of most interest. Get talking to someone about Train Rides, School Days, County Fairs, the 50s, and much more! See all that we have available, opens a new window and pick the one that's right for you. 

Customers who've used Memory Kits have shared experiences that may have gone forgotten. Take a look at some of these memories, recounted by residents at Oasis Assisted Living at Fellowship Square...

Jeannette looks at a black and white laminated photo of teenagers dancing. She recalls, "My husband and I used to go dancing all the time. We waltzed, we two-stepped... at school, we had square and round dancing inside during recess during the winter because it was too cold to go outside."

Sitting next to her husband, Bob, Sue says, "We met in 1950 and quickly discovered that we were not dancers. But, put me in a pool and I can do synchronized swimming."

A photo of Tupperware elicits many memories. Recalling the Tupperware parties she hosted in her home, Jeannette says,“I loved Tupperware. They kept food fresh and they didn’t spill. The parties were fun and I got free Tupperware.” She smiles and then adds, “Have you seen the colors now? They’re so wild.”

When they get to the road trips kit, many chime in. Mildred, Alice, and Diane recall road trips with multiple kids in a small Studebaker; taking breaks to eat lunch underneath trees on the side of the road; visiting grown children in states scattered across the country. “My husband and I bought a motorhome and took off!” Diane recalls, “I fondly remember that time, especially now that he’s passed.”

Memory Kits are more than just a collection of items and conversation starters. They bring memories alive, connect generations, and remind us that all stories matter