Make friends and hone your writing!

You needn't be a published author (but you can be!), or even have a first draft... everyone is welcome at Oro Valley Public Library's Writers' Forum. Check out this group if you want to meet local writers, receive feedback on your work, listen to others, learn valuable writing techniques, and get publishing tips.

Group facilitator David R. Davis, author of Running In, Walking Out, says, "Our members have a wealth of knowledge and are always eager and willing to help. We're not a writing critique group, our purpose is to share our work and have conversations about the writing process, self-publishing, and traditional publishing. It's completely non-judgmental and no one is ever required to read if they choose not to."

For those of you wanting advice, David and forum members pulled together their Top 10 Tips for Writers list:

  1. Learn the skills of writing
  2. Develop discipline 
  3. Favor honesty over cleverness 
  4. Don't fear criticism, embrace it
  5. Join a writing group - it will motivate you
  6. Read actively. Pay attention to good writing 
  7. Avoid trite and overused clichés and similes
  8. Don't try to imitate - find your own writing style
  9. Edit, edit, edit and then re-edit
  10. Make writing fun.

Don't forget—there are plenty of books out there to inspire your writing and help you hone your craft! Check them out today.

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