Library leaders earn top honors!

We're so pleased to announce that Library staff Kaitlyn Sparks and Betsy Langley have received awards from the Arizona Library Association.

Kaitlyn, who manages the Oro Valley Public Library, earned the AzLA Library Leadership Award and Betsy, who manages the Sahuarita Library, received the Emerging Leader Award. Congratulations to Kaitlyn and Betsy! 

Their nomination letters from colleagues included noteworthy (and very true!) praise...


"Her strong communication between staff, Administration and the community coupled with her knowledge of library procedures and practices make her a strong leader and mentor at every branch she is assigned." - Kristi Bradford, Retired PCPL Manager

"Ms. Sparks is empathetic, an excellent listener, and a good leader.  She is open to suggestions if they fall within library’s limitations.   She is a problem solver able to take action when others might waver.  She has high standards for herself and staff to serve the community." - Micheline Johnoff, Library Associate

"Whenever something needs to be done in PCPL, Kaitlyn seems to be among the first to volunteer to get it done. She’s a member of our LGBTQ+ affinity group, has assisted the Accounting Department and Administration perform money handling audits, stepped into multiple managerial positions even during times of turbulence, and that’s all just in the three years I’ve been in the system." - Amy Boelman, Librarian


"I think of one person when I read the quote, "Though she be but little, she is fierce" and that is Betsy. She is an honorable, kind, generous, supportive, and caring leader. Her years of service and dedication to our community deserve recognition as there is no one more worthy." - Tenecia Phillips, Former PCPL Manager

"Betsy's dedication to the equitable provision of library services, her promotion of librarians and library support staff as integral parts of the information revolution, and her perseverance in addressing pay equity issues within the career field are stellar examples of inspiring leadership." - Michelle Simon, Deputy Director

"I have worked with Betsy under a myriad different library settings over the years and in that time my admiration for her gifts in public service, as a colleague, and as a leader has become more resolute. There are so many reasons for her to be recognized, but I am nominating her because of her efforts over this past year to advance the conversation around pay equity for library employees both locally and nationally" - Justine Hernandez 

We decided to check in with Kaitlyn and Betsy...

What do you love most about working for the library?

Kaitlyn: I love working with like-minded individuals, who are here to serve the community. There are many great collaborations happening every day among library staff to reenergize a space, create an exciting community event, or find ways to provide the best services needed in our immediate community. 

Betsy: I love connecting customers to the resources and services they’re looking for. It’s also a great opportunity to engage in creative practices, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Why did you decide to pursue librarianship as a career?

Betsy: I wanted to learn how to become a better researcher. 

Kaitlyn: I decided to pursue librarianship when I was working at the Nanini Library as a page. I loved the welcoming environment that the, now retired, manager created for her staff and patrons.

What is something you wish everyone knew about the library?

Kaitlyn: We don’t only have books. Libraries offer so many services as well as learning opportunities and events!

Betsy: I wish they knew that the library offers FREE access to almost any form of education or entertainment you can think of.

Last but not least, we checked in with them about BOOKS!

Below, you'll find some of the books Kaitlyn and Betsy are currently reading as well as some of their favorites.

Letters to Young Carlos

A Hero of Our Time

Rat Queens

There There

The Sum of Us

The Culture Code

The Glass Hotel