Yes, you can still get a library card!

Are you stuck at home without a library card to access all of our free online ebooks, movies, and music? Our buildings may be closed right now, but you can still get a new or replacement library card! 

What you'll need for a full-service library card by email:

  • Take a picture of your driver's license or other photo ID that has your current address. If your ID doesn't have your current address, send a photo of a piece of mail or a legal document with your name and current address on it.

also include following additional information, if available:

  • Your preferred library location (this is for when we re-open; you can always change this later)
  • If you prefer to be notified of items ready for pick up by email or phone
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone number
  • What 4-digit PIN number you want (it works like a password)

How it works by email:

  1. Email us (
  2. Send a picture of your ID with your current home address, and the information listed in "What you'll need," above.
  3. Once we have this information from you, we will send your new library card number to you via email. You can use it right away.
  4. Then we will send your physical card to you in the mail, along with a brief overview of our regular library services.

A library card gives you free access to these digital services:

Did you get your new card number? Then, have at it -- it's all yours:

If the card is lost or stolen, please let us know immediately!