🏳️‍🌈Rainbow Reads: A Positively Queer Book Club

Looking to get more LGBTQ+ themed reading in your life in 2018? We've got a new book club for you: Rainbow Reads!

Next meeting: Sunday 11/18, discussing any LGBTQ+ themed book

Here's the skinny:

What: Two-for-one book club experience (odd months: book chat; even months: traditional reading group)
Where: Exo Roast Co., 403 N 6th Ave (6th Ave and 7th St.), Tucson, AZ
When: Every Third Sunday during Analog Hour (1-3pm)
Who: YOU! (While this is a queer-themed book club, readers across the gender and sexuality spectrum are welcome to attend and engage in fun, respectful dialogue.)

Rainbow Reads is two book clubs in one:

During the odd months (January, March, etc.), readers will meet for a book chat. Consider it an informal gathering of friends gushing about their favorite recent queer read. We’ll keep track of the books shared and make a list of them to go on the library’s website after meeting.

At even-monthed meetings (February, April, etc.) we’ll meet for a traditional style reading group. The six books have been selected for the year, but are subject to change based on group feedback.

So what do you think?

If you’re interested, come to both or either styles of book sharing! Not only is this our first librarywide LGBT-themed book club, but it’s also one of our first regular off-site events as well. This is happening every month at EXO Roast Co. in the Pie Allen neighborhood near downtown, during Analog Hour, which is already visited monthly by the PCPL Bookbike.

Don’t have a book to share at the chat, or haven’t read the book for that month? Come anyway! Get some ideas for new LGBT-themed or books by LGBTQ+ authors to read, and join in next time.

Interested? Here’s what to do next:

Save the dates by using the Add to Calendar button on the right side of the event listing (sorry, you'll have to add each one individually).

Check out the list of books we’re planning to read during our traditional reading group (posted below).

Tell your friends! There isn't unlimited space at Exo, but don't let that keep you from coming out!

See you there? We hope so!

Rainbow Reads 2018 List created by PimaLib_LGBT

Are you joining the Rainbow Reads Book Club in 2018? Join us on even months (February, April, etc.) for our traditional style LGBTQ+ reading group. Discussion on specific books will be guided by a library staff member. Not interested in reading the same book as everyone else? Join our Book Chat during the odd months, where everyone can gush about their favorite LGBTQ-themed books. (Book selections subject to change.)

Rainbow Reads Book Club book for February.

Rainbow Reads Book Club book for April.

Rainbow Reads Book Club book for June.

Rainbow Reads Book Club book for August.

Rainbow Reads Book Club book for October.

Rainbow Reads Book Club book for December.

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