Carrie Mathison is back to save democracy in Season 7 of “Homeland”

Carrie Mathison is back to save democracy as we know it in Season 7 of Homeland. Like many shows, “Homeland” requires the viewer to suspend logic and reality in order to tell a story, and Season 7 is no exception. Honestly, it strains credulity to believe that Carrie could be trusted to be even a minor part of a major, freedom-saving operation. But, she is a heck of a spy, after all.

This season of “Homeland” takes Carrie for a deep dive into her mental health issues. Being bipolar is plenty difficult to deal with, but try doing it as a single mom with a young daughter, and your job requires you to save our freedom and the American way of life from all the nasties out there who wish us harm. She has a pretty full plate, I’d say. It is not too much of a spoiler to comment that Carrie spends much of Season 7 at somewhat less than the top of her game. She tries to juggle health, family, and career, mostly with little success.

Therefore, something has to give, right? Well, something does give. Carrie sacrifices an awful lot for her family and her country. I sometimes wonder why her so-called friends in the spy biz keep luring her back into it, when she so obviously has mental health challenges, and she has a young child to raise. Why can’t they leave her alone? Wouldn’t have much of a show then, I guess.

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