Friends, we appreciate you!

It's National Friends of Libraries Week... so we, and the 1,500+ Friends members, are spending it—October 18 through 24—celebrating The Friends of the Pima County Public Library! 

The Friends of the Pima County Public Library promote a literate community by funding enhanced library programs and services provided by the Pima County Public Library.  Last year, the Friends contributed $240,000 ($1.2 million since 2015!) to the Pima County Public Library to support entertaining and enriching Library programs that might not otherwise be funded.  

“The Friends of the Pima County Public Library play an essential role in the Library’s mission to transform lives by educating, inspiring, and connecting community members,” said Library Director Amber Mathewson.  “Their investment touches every library and community in Pima County.” 

THANK YOU, FRIENDS! We couldn't do what we do without YOU!

Now, let's keep the celebration going all year long and support the Friends. It's easy! 

  • Become a Friend! Memberships start at $20.  Join online today!
  • Buy books! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Friends are not hosting in-person book sales, but GREAT NEWS, you can buy books online at the Book Barn Online
  • Donate books!  If you loved it, one of our customers will too!  Donations are accepted Monday – Saturday 9 a.m. – noon at 2230 N. Country Club Rd. As with everything in 2020, there are some rules. Please visit the Friends' website to learn more. 
  • Purchase merch! Take a look at some of the great things you can wear to show your support.