Fighting the Fight for Diversity!

Diversity in literature has evolved to represent modern society.   We want our characters, and especially our heroes to reflect society yet remain the positive role models we admire and wish to emulate.  Fortunately there are many authors providing readers with stories that incorporate a myriad of themes to reflect our ever changing world.

Authors Beth Cato, Austin Aslan, and Tribal Force comic book creator Jon Proudstar joined me at "Writing Heroes of Diversity," presented by the Tucson Festival of Books' Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Committee. I had the honor to moderate this panel, where we discussed the authors' passion to create unique and diverse stories, crafted with respectful consideration of cultural and social differences.

We discussed the challenges they face to ensure that their stories are accurately represented and uncensored.  Additionally, they acknowledged with pride their positive influence on the ever expanding diversity of the hero in storytelling.

Thank you to Beth, Austin, and Jon for being heroes in the literary world!

The Clockwork Dagger

The Islands at the End of the World