Book Review: Curious

Editor's note: For the 75th anniversary of Curious George, we're recommending books to spark your curiosity!

Ask questions. Be curious. Then ask more questions.

Have you noticed how everyone's staring down at their phone and ignoring the world around them? With loads of information at the click of a button, we don't always take the time to delve into new interests anymore. After an internet search, we simply skim the surface of a query. Most of the time we don’t even have to click on the links anymore. Google will give you the answer in that short little summary that pops up under the link.


Ian Leslie implores us to dig deeper, ask more questions, dive into the details of a subject if you really want to understand it. He insists that anything is interesting if you examine it closely. The thing is, once you learn a little, it makes you want to find out more. It sparks additional insights and questions about other topics just on the periphery of the one you’re exploring. Knowledge will actually make you more curious. This was a fascinating read - I highly recommend it!

Other interesting books I've been reading lately include:

Originals: Stories of launching successful ideas. In Other Words: Memoir musings on identity and language. Big Magic: Learn how to revitalize your creative pursuits.  The Empathy Exams: Essays on attention and empathy. The Gardener and the Carpenter: Find out how the transfer of knowledge has lead humans to become the most innovative species on the planet.