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Beastie Boys: End Of An Era.

Last month The Beastie Boys announced that there would not be anymore albums with them as a trio following the death of member Adam Yauch. They really went back to basics with their last album "Hot Sauce Committee. It was very reminiscent of earlier albums like "Ill Communication" and "Check Your Head".  Keep reading to learn a little more about the final album by the Beastie Boys. 

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Review of Hollywood Undead's Notes From the Underground

Under the ?Genre? column of my iTunes library, the songs that I have by the band Hollywood Undead are categorized as a bunch of different things, including ?rap metal?, ?alternative rock?, ?nu metal?, ?hard rock?, ?hip-hop?, and ?rapcore?, among others.

I don?t know about most people, but I don?t sort by genre. It?s way too unreliable, because what in the world is the difference between, say, metal/hardcore and metalcore? Then there?s melodic hardcore and melodic metalcore and nope, I?m not doing that.

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There Goes Gravity

Lisa Robinson has been on Led Zeppelin's private plane, in Mick Jagger's hotel room, had Lou Reed hanging out in her apartment and had Lady Gaga cook pasta. She went to CBGB's and Max's Kansas City nearly every night. She's interviewed John Lennon, Michael Jackson, and Bono. She currently writes a column for Vanity Fair and oversees the photo shoot for Vanity Fair's annual music issue. She's written about music for over 40 years and has just written There Goes Gravity:  A Life In Rock and Roll. I read good reviews of it and decided to give it a try and wasn't disappointed.  

Robinson starts off in 1975 with her joining the Rolling Stones' tour of the U.S and ends with her getting to know Eminem. Reading the book is like taking a historical tour of popular music. I'll be honest here and admit I skipped ahead a bit (although I went back and read the whole book) to the chapter on U2, my favorite band. As she does in the rest of the book, she pulls no punches and offers up what I think are valid criticisms of my "boys". (So, yeah, WHEN is that new album coming out again? Or as she says, "The more successful bands become the longer it takes between albums.") She also offers some very pointed criticism of Madonna (no real talent, only ambition.)

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