Local blogger and Library team up to launch Love Letters to My Library

(TUCSON, Ariz.) – It’s been four years since local blogger Rachel Miller launched Love Letters to Tucson, a simple way for all of us to explore our community through the eyes of its inhabitants. Since its 2012 launch, dozens of letters have been published, capturing everything from the majesty of our mountains to the lure of our independent bookstores.

Today, the Library is proud to launch Love Letters to My Library, a project undertaken collaboratively both with Miller and all those throughout Pima County sharing their letters of library love.

New love letters will be revealed monthly on the Library’s website and Love Letters to Tucson. To kick off the series, we’re proud to share a letter from William Vicens Jr., who offers his heartfelt musings about neighborhood vibrancy at the Woods Memorial Library.

Do you love your library, but are at a loss for what to write about? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

  • Have you met a librarian who challenged you to read outside the box or try new genres?
  • Have you attended a program that opened your eyes to a different point of view?
  • Has a library service ever helped you connect to other community members?
  • Have you ever left a library thinking how lucky you are to have it as a resource?

If you’ve ever had any of these experiences or other great experiences at the Library, we want to hear from you!

Letters do not have to follow a set format. They can be multiple paragraphs or even just a sentence. They can be a poem or a brief narrative. They can even be artwork if that’s what inspires you! The most important part is that we hear about the ways the Library has made a difference in your life.

In his letter, Vicens says, “We share this community together. Thank you Pima County Public Library, Woods Memorial Library, and my Tucson community for helping this person navigate their way to a second chance in life.”

What will YOUR letter say?

Are you interested in participating in Love Letters to My Library? Email your letter (or questions!) to library.news@pima.gov.


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