Construction has begun on the Vail-area library!

It is with great joy that we announce that construction has begun on our 27th library!

The Southeast Library (this working name is temporary) will be located in Vail, AZ on a corner of the acreage slated to become Esmond Station Regional Park, east of Empire High School and just off of Mary Ann Cleveland Way.

The 8-9,000 square foot building is expected to cost around $4.5 million, funded from the Pima County Public Library’s general operating budget.

When finished, it will become the 27th library in the Pima County Public Library system, and serve the people who live in or near Vail, Littletown, Corona de Tucson, and Rita Ranch.

Architects: BWS Architects
Contractor: Division II Construction
Southeast Library Steering Committee: J. J. Lamb, Ethan Hurley, Mike Hyre, Edward Buster, and Anne Gibson
Friends of the Southeast Library: Anne Gibson, Edward Buster, Ethan Hurley, Kristina Knauer, and Pamela Kelty
Southeast Library news and updates: Esmond Station Library Facebook page

Photo gallery of the groundbreaking ceremony
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Groundbreaking for new library in Vail, AZ