3 Reads for World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day is on June 20. The Day offers a chance to raise awareness of the plight of refugees around the world and of the efforts to protect their human rights.

Pima County Public Library’s Welcome to America team strives to help the entire Library system recognize, welcome, and celebrate immigrants for their contributions to our shared success. The team leads the way to providing services and programs that help refugees find their home here in the U.S.

Don't miss Tucson's World Refugee Day event on June 18

As home to hundreds of new refugees each year, the Tucson community comes together every June to remember the plight of refugees around the world and celebrate the lives of those who have been resettled in Tucson. 

There will be games, giveaways, and cultural entertainment.

See event details.

In honor of World Refugee Day, I offer up 3 Reads from the E-Library that I hope will help raise awareness of the plight of refugees.

What do you know about refugees?

This topic overview from Global Issues in Context explains the terminology used to describe the different types of refugees, explains the history of refugees after World War II, and offers up some critical thinking questions.

What is asylum?

Most of us don’t understand what asylum really means. This topic overview goes into detail about what it is.

How many refugees are there?

This chart from Opposing Viewpoints has two quick charts to help you understand the scale worldwide.

BONUS: Video

You may be like me and find a video easier to digest. Many of our E-Library tools have videos and other media files. This video about refugees is less than 6 minutes long, and it goes over the topic based on data from 2018.

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