Help with My Account Online

What do I do when I get the message, "Your registration has expired"?

Expired Adult and Child Cards

  • Adult accounts expire every 3 years.
  • Child accounts expire on the cardholder's 13th birthday.

To update an adult's or child's library card

Please contact the Library and let us know your card has expired. You will need to provide your library card number.

Expired Teen Cards

To update a teen's library card

Teen account expires on their 18th birthday. Teens who have turned 18 must visit the library and provide a valid photo ID with their name to update the expiration date on the card.

Why do library cards expire?

The Library uses the expiration date to touch base with our customers on a periodic basis to make sure we have the correct information on the address, email address, phone, etc.

The expiration date also allows us to determine what age groups we serve and to ensure we are providing appropriate services and where we need to improve.

When you are visiting one of our locations you can always ask staff when your card will expire, and if it is close to that date, we can verify information and update the card at that visit.

More Information about Library Cards

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