Job Openings for Librarian I

photo of kids and librarians dancing at rainbow storytime

We're hiring! We have multiple openings for Librarian I's around the library system. All positions require weekend and evening shifts. Apply by May 19, 2017. Librarian I - 6120 Read full description and apply online. Librarian I (Youth/Young Adult - Librarian I) Read full description and apply online.

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Look Deep into Vonnegut

slapstick book jacket

Slapstick, Or, Lonesome No More! is Kurt Vonnegut’s self declared fictionalized autobiography, the story of a man who calls himself Dr. Wilbur Daffodil-11 Swain.  He’s the king of Manhattan and the former President of the United States, writing us this story from a post-apocalyptic world in which the sky is yellow, gravity is inconsistent at […]

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Do you have to give up normalcy to be a genius?

Book cover of Perfect Rigor

Would I, of my own sound and volition, willfully dedicate my time to reading this book?  Probably not.  Admittedly, the cover is super cool and features some pretty awe-worthy eyebrows, (thanks Perelman) and the summary makes the whole thing seem like some intense, gripping tale of a life-changing event—which I guess it kinda was—but still.  […]

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Crazy Road Trips with Mad Cows

going bovine book jacket

Going Bovine centers around Cameron Smith, a 16 year-old loser who doesn’t care about anything. He is perfectly happy to drift off in a teenage haze. That is, until he finds out he’s going to die of mad cow disease. *Cue the road trip music* As a story, it hits the right notes and tone perfectly. […]

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Banshees and Cozy Friendships


With the recent return of BBC’s Sherlock TV show, there's nothing that warms the heart this winter season like snarky detectives and their underrated assistants. William Ritter’s Jackaby is the first installment about a man who can see the supernatural who teams up with a woman who can deduce from ordinary details. Jackaby and Abigail […]

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FREE Books for TEEN Readers!

teen-top-ten-yalsa logo

At the Dusenberry-River Library we have a Teen Advisory Board who loves to read. Over the past couple of years they have been writing reviews for our Picks by Teens section. The group decided to step up their game this year, and applied to be a galley group for Young Adult Library Services Association’s (YALSA) Teen Top […]

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Try Reading it Again: Catcher in the Rye


The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger is a must-read for everyone. It is one of the books that your high school teacher will force you to read, but also one that stays with you for a lifetime. Holden Caulfield, our "hero," is a 16-year-old boy with a very muddled mind. He is teetering on […]

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Enter Faulkner’s World


As a preface to this review, I want to point out that this book was one of the most challenging novels I have ever picked up. Faulkner alone produces mind boggling stories, but in The Sound and the Fury, his literary skills outshine many other authors who attempt this style of writing. The Sound and […]

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In a Daze


Kagerou Daze  is the first novel adaptation of the Kagerou Project, written and created by Jin, a Japanese sound producer, composer, and writer.  Okay, this might get a little confusing, so bear with me.  The Kagerou Project is essentially a multimedia story, a story that changes depending on which media form you so happen to […]

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Short Stories Matter


Since its publication in 1937, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck has been adapted into many movies and plays. It's a fast-paced story that is both compelling and heartbreaking. The novella opens your mind to the fact that it is very easy to have dreams and chase them, and gives a look behind the scenes to […]

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