Beware the Shadows

For fans of Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass books, comes a new thrilling fantasy, where fighting is not an option. In Mask of Shadows, we open with Sal Leon, a gender-fluid street fighter, hell-bent on getting revenge for their destroyed homeland. The current nation, fragile and new, is held together by the might of […]

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A Perfect Thriller

Little Monsters by Kara Thomas is about a girl named Kacey who moves in with her dad after a falling out of sorts with her mother. Her father lives in a small, tight-knit town where nothing really happens, and as a newcomer Kacey is viewed with suspicion. To Kacey's surprise, she actually makes friends and […]

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Young and Gay in America

16-year-old Simon Spier is very, very, very gay, and only two people know. Him and his mysterious pen pal, Blue. Simon desperately wants to find Blue, but only knows that they attend the same school. However, Simon’s guarded secret is in danger of falling apart when Martin, the seemingly innocent class clown, discovers the correspondence. […]

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Words are Actions

16 year old Starr Carter lives in two separate worlds. Her private school where she and her brothers are the only black kids (which makes her ‘cool by default’ as she states), and the neighborhood she lives in, which would be seen by most as ‘the hood’. Feeling out of place in both, her worlds […]

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