In a Daze

Kagerou Daze  is the first novel adaptation of the Kagerou Project, written and created by Jin, a Japanese sound producer, composer, and writer.  Okay, this might get a little confusing, so bear with me.  The Kagerou Project is essentially a multimedia story, a story that changes depending on which media form you so happen to […]

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Worlds of Imagination Art Contest

It's finally fall, which means it's time for the library's sci-fi/fantasy/comics/manga art contest for teens in middle and high school! We break down the two categories (sci-fi/fantasy and comics/manga) into high school and middle school, so you'll only compete with others close to your own age. Why should you enter? A chance to win a $50 gift […]

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A prim and proper pirate?

If you like comics and manga, you should check out Polly and the Pirates. Yeah, I know - ninjas aren't supposed to like pirates. But I have a soft spot for pirates, especially pirate chicks who kick... body parts. And prim and proper Polly is in for a shock when she discovers that her mother […]

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