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Biography in Context
Learn about people who make headlines and made history. Get the who, what, when, where and how about world leaders, singers, athletes, writers, and many more famous people. Go beyond the basics with newspaper and magazine articles, websites, and videos.
Biography Reference Center
Check here for information about famous people from trustworthy sources like encyclopedias, with articles you can print out or read online.AZ State Library Access
Ebsco MasterFile Premier
Want to know every fact there is about someone famous? Check here for articles and pictures on over a thousand people from magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, and books.AZ State Library Access
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Doing research? Got homework? Need information? Dig in to this printable library of thousands of eBooks and encyclopedia articles on almost every subject. You can email or download, too! Find biographies on celebrities like Kobe Bryant, Lady Gaga, and the Beatles here.
Literary Reference Center
Go beyond the ordinary book report with information about thousands of authors, including timelines, interviews, and essays that analyze their work. AZ State Library Access
MAS Ultra
Kick-start your homework with the full text of popular high school magazines, with lots of biographical information. AZ State Library Access
Science Reference Center
From Curie to Edison to Tesla, learn about scientists, experiments, inventions, and discoveries. AZ State Library Access


Ebsco Image Collection
Find the perfect picture or illustration of people, places, events in history, science, and nature, plus a world of maps and flags.AZ State Library Access
Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia
Get information from the experts about pretty much everything!
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Dig in to this printable library of thousands of eBooks and encyclopedia articles on almost every subject. Look here for history books like American Decades, the Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, the World War II Reference Library, and even the Piratepedia! You can email or download, too!
History Reference Center
Travel through history with a wide variety of books and magazines that you can read and print.AZ State Library Access

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