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Behind the Shelf with Pima County Public Library was a limited podcast providing a broadly informative and entertaining look at happenings at the library, in our Pima County community and beyond.

An array of staff members shared interviews, musings, reviews, and, of course, the very stuff of libraries… information!

Listen to dive into the wide world of libraries, including but not limited to, collections, programs and services at PCPL, presented with a healthy dose of nerding out!

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S1E6: The Once and Future Library

Episode 6 wraps up Season One of Behind the Shelf, a Podcast from Pima County Public Library.

Vicki Lazaro introduces "The Once and Future Library" where she, Brian, and John tell us what they think libraries will be like in the distant future! After that, we wrap up the season of rolls, with Dewey Deci-Roll #6! John and Brian dive into the 031's and leave you with a new number for you to dive into until we return next year with Season 2! Until then, you can reach us at askalibrarian@pima.gov. Happy holidays!

Dec 3, 2021

S1E5: Biblio Lotus Book Talk: When You Trap A Tiger, by Tae Keller

In Episode 5 of Behind the Shelf, Leland introduces us to 3 members of the Library’s Biblio Lotus team, Debbie, Megan, and Maureen. Debbie reads us a section of When You Trap a Tiger by Tae Keller and together they all discuss what the book means to them as members of the team. The Biblio Lotus team is made up of library staff at PCPL and are dedicated to supporting and valuing the culture and voice of our Asian communities in Pima County by providing resources and programs and by establishing ongoing partnerships with Asian organizations.

After the book talk, Brian and John leave the dark ages and take a look at architecture after the 1400's.

Nov 19, 2021

S1E4: Working to Create a Welcoming Library for Everyone: Racism and Antiracism at the Library

In this episode, Pima County Public Library’s Marketing Manager, Renee Bibby and Library Associate, Angela Harper start a conversation about historical racism in library systems and they discuss the efforts and intentions behind the creation of PCPL’s Antiracism Team.

Following that, John and Brian bring you another segment of Dewey Deci-Roll. This episode, they nerd out on science, pocket protectors, and play a little game called “do it float or do it don’t.”

Nov 5, 2021

S1E3: Local Music Legends and Collections: Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl and Local CDs at the Library

Brian has a fun and in-depth conversation with photographer, graphic designer, music fan, and man-about-town Jimi Giannatti about his friendship with Amy and Derrick Ross of the band Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl. Brian also discovers some of Jimi’s favorite bands represented in the library’s local music collection.

Then, John and Brian once again dive into the library’s non-fiction collection to discuss Romanian literatures in the third installment of Dewey Deci-Roll.

Oct 22, 2021

S1E2: Picture Book Pros

Episode Two of Behind the Shelf with Pima County Public Library brings an interview with children’s librarian Davida Larson and award-winning preschool educator Ben Collinsworth. Listen along as they discuss the ins and outs of choosing the perfect picture book for your preschooler and they will battle their wits in a friendly game of picture book trivia.

Then, John and Brian roll the dice again—but not before John tells us all about his virtual trip to Asia—and how he got there without ever leaving the non-fiction section of the library.

Oct 8, 2021

S1E1: A decade of biking and blooming

In this premiere episode, Brian has a lively conversation with Justine and Karen about Pima County Public Library’s Seed Library and Bookbike. We discuss the origins of the services, how they’ve grown, the community organizations we have partnered with, and the many things which make the Seed Library and Bookbike services so special.

Also, John and Brian introduce listeners to a recurring segment, Dewey Deci-Roll. Imagine a spinning globe of Earth, and slowing it down with a finger: wherever it lands, that’s where you travel. Like that, the heart of “Dewey Deci-Roll” (A.K.A. “Dewey Decimal Roulette”) is exploration. Exploring the depths and shallows of human knowledge, within your public library’s non-fiction collection. Each segment, Brian and John randomly generate a number between 000 and 999 — the same range as Dewey Decimal. With that call number, each segment, they dive into a serendipitous subject…with both hope and abandon. Tune in; join the expedition.

Sep 24, 2021

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