Touching and Timely “Bordando” Exhibit to Close with Community Sewing Circle

Handkercheif for Aldo Gutierrez Solano
Aldo Gutierrez Solano

(TUCSON, Ariz.) – On Sunday, August 27, 2–4pm, the Joel D. Valdez Main Library will host a closing reception and sewing circle for the Bordando por la Paz y la Memoria/Embroidering for peace and for memory exhibit.

More about the Closing Reception and Sewing Circle on the Library’s website.

The installation, which has been on display since August 1 in the wooden towers on the Library’s first floor, offers a heartrending depiction of lives lost to Mexican drug violence.

Curated by local artist Hank Tusinski, Bordando por la Paz features a collection of white handkerchiefs embroidered with the names and stories of victims. Many were innocent bystanders of random or targeted violence. Some were friends and relatives of people in drug cartels. The stories, stitched in red thread to symbolize blood, make visible the suffering caused by this war.

Bordando por la Paz y la Memoria is made up of groups of citizens, women and men from all over Mexico and abroad who view the act of embroidery as a profound exercise in nonviolence and a direct action to promote peace.

In his artist statement, Tusinski says, “Libraries are the most socially inclusive places…. Life, culture, diversity, and knowledge thrive and are nourished in the Pima County Library network. This exhibit allows for the reaching of hands and hearts across the border.”

Community members are encouraged to view the exhibit and embroider their own memorial or message on Sunday, August 27, 2–4pm. While supplies last, handkerchiefs, hoops, and threads will be provided.

Librarian Betsy Langley, who coordinates the Joel D. Valdez Main Library’s exhibit space, says, “This installation is in perfect alignment with what we try to accomplish in our art space. It brings a topic of worldwide importance front and center and allows people the opportunity to engage with it and with others through dialogue, art, and connectedness.”

For more information about the exhibit, please visit the Library’s website or Arizona Public Media, which has offered generous online and broadcast (beginning at 26:56) coverage of the installation and project.


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