Salazar-Ajo Library Hours to Change Beginning at the End of January

(TUCSON, Ariz.) – Beginning January 28, 2018, Salazar-Ajo Library will have new hours. The shift will reduce the current schedule by eight hours, all of which fall at the beginning and end of the day Monday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday hours will not change.

This move will bring the Salazar-Ajo Library hours in line with the necessary systemwide staffing levels to ensure excellent service at all library locations. In recent months, the Library has had to close for an hour at lunch when usage peaks and individuals and community groups are most affected.

Opening an hour later and closing an hour earlier Monday through Thursday is expected to have the least amount of impact and allow the Library to keep consistent hours that best serve customers.

Beginning January 28, the new hours will be:

  • Monday 10am–6pm
  • Tuesday 10am–6pm
  • Wednesday 10am–6pm
  • Thursday 10am–6pm
  • Friday 9am–5pm
  • Saturday 9am–5pm

Arriving at the decision, Library Administration worked closely with staff, who have observed that the morning and evening hours tend to be less busy than mid-morning, lunchtime, and mid-afternoon.

In addition, other smaller, outlying Library locations have similar hours, which have proven to meet the needs of those communities. These locations include Caviglia-Arivaca Library, Dewhirst-Catalina Library, and Sahuarita Library.

Library Deputy Director, Karyn Prechtel, says, “We know the important role this location plays in the lives of Ajo residents and we want to have a consistent and reliable schedule that they can count on. With these new hours, the Library will be poised to better meet the needs of the community with a sustainable, long-term schedule.”


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