Dewey Deci-Roll and more on the Library’s new podcast!

(Tucson, AZ) The Library is podcasting! Today marks the launch of Pima County Public Library's Behind the Shelf podcast, opens a new window

The biweekly podcast—with the first episode live today—will provide an entertaining lens into all of the happenings at the Library, the community, and beyond. Staff will share interviews, musings, reviews, and of course, the very stuff libraries are made of... information! Join your Library friends and dive into the wide and exciting world of libraries, and enjoy a healthy dose of nerding out. 

The first season features numerous topics, including the Seed Library, parenting, anti-racism, the Library's collection, local music, art, and authors, the Bookbike, and more. Adult Services Librarian, Brian Chanecka, is particularly excited about Dewey Deci-Roll, a recurring segment with fellow Adult Services Librarian John Munoz. John says:

"Imagine a spinning globe of Earth, and slowing it down with a finger: wherever it lands, that's where you travel. Like that, the heart of Dewey-Deci-Roll is exploration... exploring the depths and shallows of human knowledge within the Library's nonfiction collection. Each segment, my colleague John and I will randomly generate a number between 000 and 999—the same range as the Dewey Decimal system. With that call number, we'll dive into a serendipitous subject with both hope and abandon. We hope you'll join the knowledge expedition."

Listeners can subscribe to Behind the Shelf on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Anchor, and more.

The first season will air on the following dates:

  • Friday, September 24th
  • Friday, October 8th
  • Friday, October 22nd
  • Friday, November 5th
  • Friday, November 19th
  • Friday, December 3rd

Tune in!


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