Become a Social Media Ambassador

The Pima County Public Library invites you to participate in extending our reach into the community by becoming a Social Media Ambassador or #MyPCPL. Help raise awareness of the Library on social media and at the same time, raise the Library’s awareness of you, its supporter.

Become a Social Media Ambassador

Ambassadorship is one way to volunteer for the Library - no application required! Simply sign up to receive a monthly Social Media Ambassadors #MyPCPL email

Be in the know: you will receive an eNewsletter every month or two with a personal note from one of our staff members sharing something about what they do in their corner of the library, as well as news you might be able to share on social media. We’ll give you the scoop on Library programs and projects and highlight relevant hashtags.

Help us raise visibility in your communities through personal social media posts with your take on what we have going on.

Special stuff: Though your participation takes place online, occasionally we will organize special in-person events at the Library just for our ambassadors, such as sneak peeks of new libraries before they open to the public.

What We’re Asking Ambassadors to Do

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