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Himmel Park Library

Love Letter to My Library: Janice Knepfel

Photo of Janice Knepfel and her family

We're grateful to Janice Knepfel for taking the time to submit this Love Letter. Dear Woods Memorial Library, You know that feeling you get when you think about a wonderful time, place, or friend you used to know. Yeah, that wistful feeling, the feeling that you belong and you are exactly where you want to be. […]

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Love Letter to My Library: Rosalia Pierre

Photograph of Tucson resident Rosalia Pierre

We're grateful to Rosalia Pierre for taking the time to submit this Love Letter. Why I love my library: My relationship with libraries goes back to elementary school in rural New Mexico. Books became my mentors, my view to a wide world, knowledge, and entertainment. Wherever I went I made sure my family had access […]

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We Are Finished With 2016, But Don’t Throw Away Your Calendar!

closeup of a wall calendar featuring the comic Calvin and Hobbes

Did you know that calendars can be reused?  Not just for origami, decoupage, or framing photos or illustrations from your favorite months.  You can actually hang an old calendar during a matching Gregorian calendar year, and have a (mostly*) accurate retro/vintage/old school date keeper! *Some holidays and moveable feasts such as Easter and Chanukah may […]

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